How We Do Anything is How We Do Everything.

  • Lifestyle • March 10, 2020

We are often waiting for the big game, big day, the nicer place, perfect opportunity, newer car, a quieter season in our lives; before we act with excellence.

Are we waiting for that divine romantic relationship to appear before we start fully attending to relational dynamics (internal and external) and how we respond? Waiting until we have our dream car or home before we take care of the spaces we spend so much time in (read: keeping things clean, organized, tidy, etc.)? Are we waiting for the big opportunities to have wide impact before we fully attend to our words and those in front of us? Or can we take care of what we have been given as if it was all we ever wanted, in preparation for what is to come? Whatever is in front of you, no matter how small, mundane or “insignificant” it may seem, is an opportunity to build excellence into our way of being and our habits.

Taking Responsibility.

Lets say that it was in your power to bestow things to people: if you witness someone notably disregarding, disrespecting and not showing care to a person in their lives, or a material object they have, would you be more, or less inclined to give them something even better? What about someone who is taking great care of what they have in their life, even if it doesn’t look like much?

Are we being responsible with what we have now? Do we expect to receive relationships, jobs, material things of greater value if we aren’t showing up to what is, at our greatest capacity?

We always have an opportunity to expand our capacity, and create a vacuum to bring in the bigger, better, dream-like life. Our beliefs, ability to respond to pain and discomfort (in ourselves and others), and daily actions.

Keep breathing.

You’ve got this!