Some of the notes, letters and comments we have received from clients, friends and care professionals.

I am grateful and wish to express a big thank you for these kind words. We appreciate the trust you place in us. When we read these notes we remember how important that trust is; and it re-invigorates us daily to deliver the best service we possibly can.

My Sister, brother and sister in law told me about conscious connected breathing. To be honest I thought it sounded too simple to have a profound effect. At first, for quite a while, I was distracted by the different people and sounds. It wasn’t until the end of the session that I recalled a place in my past. A beach I played at as a child. I thought this is the last place I was truly happy and carefree. I then visualized black like snakes or cords that were drawing something out of me. My upper body began to twitch. I wasn’t sure if God was drawing the negativity/trauma out of me or was I struggling to release it. After the session, I felt pain-free throughout my torso. This was amazing to me because I’ve had fibromyalgia since 2011. There hasn’t been a day or a moment that I wasn’t free from discomfort. I feel like this was a miracle!! Not even exaggerating. Since the session, I’ve been excited about taking private sessions. If anyone is hesitant or thinks this seems like a weird concept I was with you. Just take a chance. Maybe nothing will happen or maybe everything could change. Thank you so much for this unique experience. Truly a blessing.

—Michelle Mackay
Satori Clarke breathwork session with client

My session with Satori proved to be enlightening, intriguing and surprisingly effective. I was impressed with Satori’s professionalism throughout the process. Coming into the experience, I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect and, if I’m being honest, I was a bit the skeptic of how effective this kind of work would be. Satori’s ability to create a space brimming with intention and compassion did wonders to set me at ease and open up to the experience.

The session took some time to relax into but when I was able to it did wonders at getting me in touch with myself and my body. Satori was able to sense my tensions, hangups and reservations while guiding the process as things came up for me~ which they actually really did. I truly felt more in that hour of breathwork than I have in almost a year of talk therapy. And while that might be a reflection on my therapist (haha) it is definitely a reflection on the work Satori is doing and the energy she cultivates.

Through this intentional space, I was able to sit with myself and feel a lot of the stuff I’ve been dealing with in a way that made me tune in more. Some of it was light, some of it was dark. But all were things that I’m not sure I’m still enough to feel on my own.

At the end of the session, Satori brought our session to a close but allowed time for me to move through what had come up and find myself on the other side of it with solid footing. She took the time to debrief the session and help me frame the experience and answered any questions that I had.

In all, I was sincerely a bit taken aback by the experience and can only imagine what kind of work could be done with ongoing counsel alongside Satori. I strongly recommend folks looking for self-reflection and bodywork to consider Satori’s offerings and guidance. Even for those who are a bit skeptical–you might find yourself a bit surprised at what you find. I know I was.

—Ian McConnell
people relaxing in breath circle group session

I recently attended my first breath circle with Satori Clarke. My exposure to conscious breathwork has been primarily through yoga or for performance enhancement. Coming from a more biomechanical and evidence based practice, I signed up with excitement and a bit of skepticism.

The experience was an amazing trip that far exceeded what I could have expected. There is really no way to truly describe how incredible it was. It seemed I was able to go deeper into the practice than I could have in the past or on my own. Judging by the reactions from other attendees, I was not alone.

Satori brings an unexpected level of knowledge and professionalism to a very new industry. I’d recommend Satori’s conscious breath circle to all my clients and will be doing it myself again in the future!


When I first went out to Satori I wasn’t exactly sure what I was in for, but I was excited. My first session was wonderful. It felt similar to a guided meditation I tried myself before but with more hints internally about myself. It was interesting sorting what these feelings were telling me. My second session is something I have never felt before. I couldn’t get over the physical and emotional reactions that were happening to me. It was amazing. I really didn’t know what had just happened and continued to repeat the question to Satori (haha). I can’t recommend this experience enough to people. Satori herself was just fantastic through both experiences. A beautifully calm safe and inviting energy is brought by her. She is focused and attached to what she is accomplishing with you! At every stage of this, I was completely comfortable and relaxed through her guidance and in asking for anything I felt I needed. So not only to recommend the treatment, I highly highly recommend Satori in being an irreplaceable mediator.

—Gemma D