Private Session

Reconnect to your Self, your body and your wellbeing.

These sessions are catered to the specific needs and goals of the individual, with uninterrupted 1:1 facilitation. For those looking to release trauma, repressed emotions, and chronic stress, to re-pattern limiting beliefs and experience a deep meditative state of rest.

It starts with an introductory 2-hr assessment session or a 15-min phone consult. From here we will create program details (duration of each session, total number of sessions and external support) based on your personal goals and breathing pattern.

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Semi-Private Breathwork Session

Available for groups of 2-4 breathers. Availability and length of session is determined on case-by case basis. The service provided includes:

  • Introduction to technique & neuroendocrine physiology of breath
  • Guided ~1 hr session with hands-on facilitation
  • Debrief // Q&A.

Ideal for families, close friends, couples and small teams. Multi-session packages available.

two clinets in semi-private breath work session

Group Session

Great access point for first time experience.
Gather in groups of 6 – 20 people to share in transformational experiences and meet others on the self-development path. This is a powerful way to both support and be supported in conscious living and our own healing.

  • Intro to anatomy & physiology of re-patterning breath
  • Technique demonstration
  • +1hr guided practice
  • Debrief and Q & A

Contact us for corporate or private group sessions. Regular group sessions are available with Breathwork Bali.